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Hard materials can be crushed with bimetallic composite hammers

Release time:2019-04-11 14:15

Bimetal composite hammers can break up hard materials and fully meet the needs of people in industrial production. Bimetal composite hammers are hammers made of two kinds of metal materials, which improve their wear resistance and ensure that the hammers have certain toughness. Therefore, they can also maintain stable performance when subjected to huge impact force.


The reason why bimetallic hammers are used to make wear-resistant hammers is that the longer service life of the hammers creates higher value for people. The bimetallic composite hammers have high working strength. The broken products are all hard materials, so they are vulnerable to great friction and impact in the working process. If the bimetallic composite hammers are not durable, they will be very tolerant. It is easy to wear and tear. Frequent replacement will affect the progress of people's work and increase the cost. Therefore, the use of bimetallic composite hammer head is very necessary.

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