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How can wear-resistant hammers reduce wear?

Release time:2019-04-11 13:53

Wear-resistant hammers are generally used in the first line of Engineering breakage, which is higher than other use frequencies. Although wear-resistant hammers manufacturers adopt different methods to make them very wear-resistant in production, they will also wear in varying degrees over a long period of time and need to be replaced frequently over a long period of time. Therefore, mastering the correct method of wear-resistant hammers can reduce the wear of wear-resistant hammers. Rate, reduce the cost of replacing wear-resistant hammer head, how to use it to reduce its wear rate?


First of all, when installing wear-resistant hammers on the machine, it is necessary to ensure smooth contact between the hammers and the machine surface and firm installation. The crusher should select the appropriate working parameters according to the hardness and corrosiveness of the materials, so as to match the strength and speed of the wear-resistant hammer with the properties of the materials, so as to reduce the wear of the wear-resistant hammer due to the material's inadaptability.

Correct use and timely maintenance of wear-resistant hammers can increase their service life and reduce costs!

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