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Factors Influencing Service Life of Wear Resistant Hammer

Release time:2019-04-11 14:05

Wear-resistant hammer head is a part of crusher. It will be worn because of material in the process of using, which will affect its service life. To reduce the wear of wear-resistant hammer head, we must know what factors affect the service life of wear-resistant hammer head.


Structural design and geometrical shape of wear-resistant hammer have great influence on its mechanical properties and internal structure during heat treatment, and the impact of wear-resistant hammer with larger thickness and size is more prominent. Through the analysis of hammer heads made of different materials, it can be seen that the main reason for the fracture of wear-resistant hammer head is that there are different degrees of defects in its interior or or surface, which makes the hammer break at the initial stage of use. Therefore, in the production of hammers, reasonable casting and heat treatment processes must be formulated.

Correct production method and technology can prolong the service life of wear-resistant hammers. Different manufacturers of wear-resistant hammers have different production technology and production process, so the choice of manufacturers is very important.

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