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What are the details of wear-resistant hammer head

Release time:2019-04-11 14:06

High chromium wear-resistant hammer head is a commonly used wear-resistant tool nowadays. It is mainly produced by different optimization combinations and rigorous processes of chromium, copper, titanium and other alloy elements. The causes of excessive damage in the use process include not only the factors of limestone itself, but also the impact of crushing conditions on the hammer head.


In operation, the feed size and discharge size of the crusher, the number of times that the crusher discharge slot is blocked and the length of time that the crusher continues to work after the blockage have a decisive impact on the wear degree of the hammer working part. Any detail in the operation process will cause the wear reason of high chromium wear-resistant hammer head, so choosing the suitable hammer head of crusher according to the specific conditions of operation is very helpful to the working efficiency of crusher and the service life of hammer head.

The high chromium hammer manufactured by Linyi wear-resistant hammer manufacturer can fully reflect the characteristics of its castings. It has wide application scope, unique and excellent performance, and is especially suitable for the crushing of cement, granite or shale.

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