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How to Judge the Wear Degree of Bimetal Composite Hammer Head

Release time:2019-04-11 14:14

There is a way to judge the wear degree of bimetal composite hammers, and every manufacturer should master the repair method of wear-resistant hammers damaged. Now the hammers are used in hundreds of cement and mining enterprises, while some manufacturers do not know what kind of hammers can not continue to be used. How to judge the wear degree of bimetal composite hammers?


When the hammer is just put into production, the material impacts the hammer surface with positive force, resulting in deformation and concave and convex of the hammer head. When the hammer head wears, the force surface of the hammer surface will decompose. The reverse force of the hammer surface will impact the hammer head, and the cutting force will be applied to the hammer head, and increasing the breaking time will reduce the production efficiency.

The bimetal composite hammer head adopts the excellent wear resistance of high chromium Cr20 and Cr26 as well as the comprehensive mechanical properties of good toughness of cast steel, which makes the product have the overall comprehensive properties of wear resistance and impact resistance. It is suitable for the wear resistance field under high impact load, and greatly improves the service life and working efficiency of the hammer head.

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