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How to Repair Damaged Wear Resistant Hammer Head

Release time:2019-04-11 14:07

The quality of wear-resistant hammer can not be used for a long time because of wear. So when wear-resistant hammer is worn, it can be repaired and then used. When the impact force of wear-resistant hammer is medium or below, we can take surfacing welding method to repair it.


This method is a repairing method of one-time multi-surfacing some wear-resisting hammers. During surfacing, attention should be paid to removing oil, rust and other impurities to keep clean. Before surfacing, it is best to check whether the hammer is damaged or not. If there is damage, special welding rods can be used to repair it. In order to ensure the quality, DC welding machine can be used to repair all hammers after repair. Body welding a layer of transition layer, and then welding, welding must use cold welding, while protecting the welder can also quickly check the effect of wear-resistant hammer damaged by welding, different degrees of damage can choose to weld more layers, and then timely knock to complete the repair work.

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